Rhode Island School of Design-BFA in Illustration-1991

Professional Experience

Illustrations - Newspapers and Magazines

The New York Times, The Village Voice, Avenue Magazine, The Asbury Park Press, The Boston Phoenix, Go Magazine, Rocktober Magazine, The Knitting Factory Notes, The Providence Newpaper, The Manhattan Spirit

Television, Commercial
  • "Tv Funhouse", Comedy Central - created illustration for the tv show

  • "The Sopranos", HBO - 2 paintings selected to hang on the tv show

  • Designed and illustrated Christmas card for Marc Anthony for two years

  • Worked on numerous art packs and tech. packs

Galleries, Exhibitions, Original Businesses

  • Founded the “4e Gallery” in Tribeca - responsibilities included:
    Finding artists, selecting compatible work, curating monthly shows, and creating professional invitations

  • Woods Gerry Gallery:
    Assisted in installation of exhibitions and aided in design of layout

  • Gallery Jupiter:
    Prepared mats and frames
    Assisted with curating of exhibitions

  • Ran a successful t-shirt business which included creating original designs and using photographic silk-screen techniques and heat-transfer techniques

  • Worked at London Connection print studio

  • Worked at lush media graphics studio

  • Waldman Publishing: created covers for children’s activity books

  • Head Illustrator: Macy’s Infant Basics, Mine Alone, and Charter Club baby clothes lines

  • Additional Freelance Work: The Gap, K-mart, Nickelodeon, Polo/Ralph lauren, Krazy Kat, Kids Today, Kids Headquarters, Little Me, Kleinerts, Doe-spun/Absorba, Garran, Celebrity, Timberland, Haddad, Cayset, Osh Kosh B’gosh, Mamiye Brothers, Franco, Richard Leeds, Adjme, Adtn

  • Caricature artist at “six flags great adventure”

  • completed numerous caricatures and paintings for the general public

Honors - Exhibits
  • The Ace Gallery - NY
  • The Gershwin Gallery - NY
  • The Tunnel - NY
  • Permanent show at “Faces and Names” - Bar/Lounge - NY
  • Permanent show at “Rumours” - Bar/Lounge - NY
  • Monmouth Reform Temple Festival Arts
  • The Society of Illustrators - Group Show
  • 4E Gallery
  • KOAP Gallery
  • Park Street Gallery - Windsor, Ontario, Canada
  • Computer Knowledge: Illustrator, Photoshop, Freehand, Painter
  • Traditional Medium: Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pen and Ink, Pencil, Brush-pen, Charcoal, Scratchboard, Airbrush, Basic 2d and 3d Traditional Animation
  • Strong drawing ability
  • Strong conceptual ability
  • Specialization in caricature




Live Caricatures

Live Party Painting

Published Illustration